The fabric yo-yo has been around a long time, and has been used in all sorts of crafts (anyone remember those dolls with the arms and legs made from stacked yo-yos?) and quilt-making. Yo-yos can be used as either the main element of a top, or as an accent shape on a larger piece, as Michelle Muska shows in the Spring Issue of Modern Quilts Unlimited, “A Quilt for Baby Ida”.

Traditionally, yo-yos are made by deciding how big the finished yo-yo will be, and cutting a circle twice that size and then adding 1/2″,  but there’s more than one way to make a yo-yo, and more shapes to explore. Clover has a line of awfully clever yo-yo makers that come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from round to oval, butterfly, heart, shamrock, and flower-shaped.


Clover has a tutorial on how to make these:


I am thinking it would be a fun thing to do to get a bunch of these different shapes and sizes and then make a crazy quilt of sorts, sewing them all together in one big glorious top.  That would be a fun project to do with kids, come to think of it, where everyone makes yo-yos and then swaps with their friends. Hmmmm… now I need to get my hands on some of these yo-yos.

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