Yes you CAN design your own quilt!


I’ve been a big fan of Wise Craft Handmade by Blair Stocker for ages. Her quilts, projects, and thoughtfulness all inspire me to do good work, make beautiful and fin things, and just generally be creative. What I love most though, is how Blair is serious in her intentions to help people of all skill levels make the things their hearts desire, and she recently came out with a project planner that I think is really out of this world, the Complete Quilt Design Planner.


A downloadable PDF ($14.00) that you can print as often as you wish, this design planner is geared towards those quilters who want to create their own tops but aren’t sure where to start (and that can be any level of piecing ability, mind you!). Blair’s brilliant design booklet shows you how to take 5″ squares and design the top you have in your head, complete with coloring grids, swatch organizers, and more. Pre-cut friendly, it is a great way to come up with a way to use those lovely but sometimes puzzling charm packs we all have.


Blair also gives some helpful guidelines on how to get started using the booklet, and some design ideas from her own work. What I love most is how it can be just the thing to get new-to-designing people organized and ready to go for making the next step in their quilting journey.


On Instagram as @blairs she has an incredibly lovely series  #myquiltcouldlivehere where she creates mood boards for her quilts and how they fit into various “quilt habitats”. Sandi aka the Crafty Planner, also has a podcast interview with Blair where she talks about her work and business.

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