Welcome to our blogger, Cheryl Sleboda!

Hi there!  I’m Cheryl Sleboda, and I’m the new blogger at Modern Quilts Unlimited!  I’m really excited to be working with the staff here to give you a bunch of great tip, tricks, ideas, and information, plus lots of behind-the-scenes sneak peeks into the magazine and the world of modern quilts.

If you don’t know me, that’s ok.  I’ve been a life long sewist, starting off in theatre costuming, and then transitioned to quilting in 1997.  My first quilt was a kit from Jo-ann’s block of the month club (which is still unfinished 20 years later).  Fast forward to today, where I helped co-found the Naperville Modern Quilters Guild here in Illinois and I teach and speak about quilting across the country.

One of Cheryl’s heirloom/modern tablerunners.

The modern aesthetic really appeals to me as a quilter.  After years of traditional and art quilting in my own quilting work, the use negative space, bold color choices, and unconventional layout and design are refreshing.  I’ve incorporated my love of heirloom sewing with modern designs and am really enjoying incorporating modern designs into my work.

I can’t wait to share all the wonderful things I’ve learned with you.   If you haven’t followed Modern Quilts Unlimited on social media, please click HERE for our Facebook page and HERE for our Instagram.


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