Upcoming Quilt Shows Relevant to Modern Quilts!

It’s August! With the summer heat it can be hard to think about quilting anything, but there are a few shows and events coming up that might induce you to lay that special quilt across your lap and stitch that binding down.

3rd place--Large Wall Quilts - Modern Big Love Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill Woodbridge, CT
3rd place–Large Wall Quilts – Modern
Big Love
Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill
Woodbridge, CT

Why enter a quilt show? It’s a place where you can share your quilts with others and get feedback on ways to improve (if that’s your thing). Even better, modern quilts are becoming more and more visible at what have often been considered “traditional” shows. Modern Quilts Unlimited contributors such as Christa Watson and myself have both entered different shows (and won!) and have had good experiences with the process. Here are three shows and their deadlines for entry:

Road to California takes place in January every year, and is a family-owned and operated show. With classes beginning a few days before the actual show, it’s a great place to look for techniques and skills to add to your repertoire. There are two dates to be aware of: a non-judged show of modern traditional quilts through a (deadline 8/15, so you have to hustle!) and the juried portion of the show, with a deadline in October. Further details here.

Quiltfest Oasis in Palm Springs is hosting a Modern Quilt Symposium during the show (10/5-10/7) featuring guest speaker “Joe the Quilter” Cunningham, Libs Elliott, and Ashley Nickels.

A show with emphasis on machine quilting (with hand work categories, never fear!), MQX Quilt Festival has two shows a year, one in NH in April and one that moves around. MQX provides a juried category for modern quilts, and the deadline for the April show is coming up in January. If you’re looking into longarming or for a place to take many, many machine quilting classes, a show like this one is a great place to check them all out.
These are just three shows coming up soon! If you have others, please feel free to share them with our readers!

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