Unfinished Quilts – You’re Not Alone, Cheryl
Cheryl Arkison’s bins are similar to mine!

In Issue #21’s article “In Defense of the Unfinished Quilt”, Cheryl Arkison notes that she has about 45 unfinished quilts in her sewing room.  At first, I thought this was a huge number, but as I considered my own UnFinished Objects (also known by me as UFOs) I thought my number might be really similar.  Indeed, I have a large tub full of unfinished quilts in a wide variety of states of “unfinished-ness”.

The (mostly) completed blocks of Cheryl Sleboda’s green and purple Baltimore Album Quilt.

I was big into round robins with a group of fellow quilt guild members in Baltimore in the early to mid 2000’s.  Most of those are unfinished, but near completion.  I also started a bunch of foundation paper pieced blocks around the same time but quickly lost interest.  Those are also in the tub.

Here are the two projects I hope to finish in 2018.  The first is my Baltimore Album Quilt started in 2001.  These fabrics are now 17 years old!  Of the 12 blocks I have 9 finished, and 1 half finished.  One of the designs I had for the remaining 2 is being scrapped, so I get to design that one over.  The other would be quick to finish.

The center of Cheryl Sleboda’s Baltimore Album Quilt. It’s barely 1/4 finished.

Then there’s the center and the borders of the same Baltimore Album.  The center has a long way to go, and the borders are not even laid out. This is now the oldest UFO in my collection, and since it’s one of my resolutions to finish these, it was time to get them out and see what still needs to be done.

Cheryl Sleboda’s unfinished wool embroidery class sample. It’s another 2018 goal.

My other project is a class sample from taking a wool embroidery class with Sue Spargo.  While I got all of the little teardrops added, I only have the embroidery that I did in class with Sue completed.  Since I travel so much I have decided that this will be my travel project for 2018.  I can sew little bits of embroidery in airports and hotel rooms this year.

Now that I have totally embarrassed myself and shown you mine, let’s see some of yours!  Share a picture of your UFO projects on our Facebook page.  Be on the lookout on our Instagram for Editor Laurie Baker’s Unfinished quilts! You can share yours on Instagram too with the hashtag #ModernQuiltsUFO so we can find them and show you that Cheryl Arkison is not alone.  Plus, get a copy of Issue #21 of Modern Quilts Unlimited to read Cheryl’s tips on managing her collection of unfinished quilts.


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