Traditional to Modern – Yo-Yos!

Traditional To Modern  by Michele Muska

MuskaIn the Fall 2014 issue, Michele shares a modern yo-yo quilt pattern from her new book Quilting the New Classics; 20 Inspired Quilt Projects: Traditional to Modern Designs. Designed by Monica Solorio-Snow, the instructions for YO! can be found on page 60.

Michele says, “Yo-Yo’s happen to be one of my favorite things to make. I often stuff them, bead them and make them into pincushions. They were very popular in the 30’s and 40’s and were often made from feed sack fabrics. It was around this time that women began working out of the house and going to more appointments for themselves and their families. Hand work was still an important part of these women’s lives and yo-yos fit the bill for their new lives on the go.

In Quilting the New Classics; 20 Inspired Quilt Projects: Traditional to Modern Designs, I invited modern and traditional quilters to design a quilt for one of the 10 traditional patterns I chose for the book. They were given free rein to interpret the design. Monica Soloria-Snow ( was the perfect choice for the modern yo-yo quilt design and, of course, I chose the traditional slot.”

Childs Play
Child’s Play by Michele Muska

Monica writes “Quilts, fabrics, and patterns by Darlene Zimmerman were my connection to a

Yo! by Monica Snow
Yo! by Monica Snow

past that didn’t exist for me otherwise. It is because of Darlene that I have a love of all things 1930’s. Traditional quilts from that time period make my love of modern quilts bloom. As a first generation American, quilting is what makes me feel connected to all the good things in American history.” So, it was a perfect  fit! “Yo!” is a modern take on a traditional pattern, the juxtaposition of the bright and darkly colored yo-yos gives Monica’s quilt a modern aesthetic.

Michele continues, “My traditional yo-yo quilt was constructed very traditionally and attached to a solid background to show off my hand work. Solids were often used in traditional yo-yo quilts and often in clever patterns. Even though at first glance my quilt “Child’s Play” appears very modern it is truly a call out to the past.”

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