To Market, to Market we go!

While Fall’s Quilt Market and Festival is always in Houston, the Spring Market travels.  This year, it will be in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am looking forward to seeing new lines, new books, new ideas and techniques. Several of us from Modern Quilts Unlimited will be heading to Quilt Market this week (make sure to keep an eye out for some highlights on Friday!). Whether driving or flying, there are always lists of stuff to pack, the hand work to bring, the travel-safe scissors and snips, buttons, business cards, foldable totes. Oh, and clothes!  And comfortable shoes (that’s a whole ‘nother post).

One of the lines I am looking forward to seeing in person is “GRAFIC”, Latifah Saafir’s new line (Latifah also is one of the designers of batiks and ikats for Me + You). In addition to being a great person, she’s also got great ideas and had custom Converse sneakers made with one of her stellar designs. Although I would totally buy these, don’t look for these in stores; they’re one-offs. I am trying to contain my weeping.  That rose.

I mean, these are awesome, right?

Point, Game, and Match to Latifah for combining fabric, style and comfort!

If there’s something you want us to keep an eye out for, let us know in the comments. More to come on Tuesday!

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