The Applique Book is here! And a Giveaway!

Applique Book, CaseyYork

Welcome!  Whether you’re new to applique or an old hand, this book is really wonderful. Make sure to read through to the end for giveaway details!

I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to know Casey York for a few years, when we bonded over a mutual love of art history and quilts. Passion and enthusiasm combined with the ability to teach? Casey is a winner, in my eyes! Her most recent book, The Applique Book continues on the applique theme of her first book, Modern Applique Illusions, but with some interesting additions: providing a variety of techniques, modern quilters and their patterns, and providing a mini biography of modern quilters known for their applique work.



It’s a fantastic blend of education and inspiration, and it’s something you can sit down and read with pleasure, or flip through simply to be delighted by the beautiful things inside.

An impressive Table of Contents!

I have three favorite projects at this exact moment (since it changes every time I read through it, depending on my mood), and two  of them use reverse applique (this may be my next project, hmmm). The first is “Astrid,” by Lynn Harris.  Using a beautiful set of shot cottons, the design is minimal and striking, and as with everything Lynn does, is perfectly executed.

"Astrid" by Lynn Carson Harris, from The Applique Book. Photo Courtesy of Stah Books
“Astrid” by Lynn Carson Harris, from The Applique Book. Photo Courtesy of Stash Books

My other favorite involves wool felt (a current obsession!) and is by Betz White.  These cute little coasters show how to use felt to your advantage when doing reverse applique, and are an important addition to the book, which otherwise focuses on quilting cottons only. Many of the designs, however, can be translated to felted wool or wool felt, which is nice.

Coasters by Betz White, The Applique Book. Photo courtesy of Stash Books.
Coasters by Betz White, The Applique Book. Photo courtesy of Stash Books.


And finally, I have to share Casey’s broderie perse quilt, which is a technique and style I love and keep returning to in my own work. It’s beautiful!

"Corona de Flores" by Casey York, The APplique Book. Photocourtesy of Stash Books.
“Corona de Flores” by Casey York, The Applique Book. Photo courtesy of Stash Books.



To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment below answering the question, “what was your most ambitious applique project?” A winner will be chosen by the Random Number Generator next Tuesday, 3/29! A physical copy of the book will be sent to U.S. residents, and those who live outside the U.S. are eligible for an e-book. Make sure to check out the other stops on the blog tour below to learn more about all the amazing contributors! They also are

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46 Responses to The Applique Book is here! And a Giveaway!

  1. Years ago I made several dozen homespun hand towels on which I appliqued snowmen. The snowmen where fused on, but then I blanket stitched them down and added the details like a carrot nose and twig arms using satin stitching by machine. They turned out really cute!

  2. I bought into a BOM program years ago that was way above my abilities. It is lingering in my UFO pile but hopefully this blog hop will revitalize my interest and get me inspired to try it again!

  3. I have the merry merry snowman BOM – all the blocks are cut and put together – need to pull it out and finish the stitching –

  4. I just finished up two baby sailboat quilts using fusible machine applique. I usually do needle turn. I think I may have converted! Ha

  5. Hi, Thanks for the opportunity to win such a wonderful book. Applique is something I haven’t tried much of except a little here and there. Having said that, I have been meaning to try reverse applique as my next project.

  6. I would love this book because I love applique. I am currently making 9 faces, appliqued, on a family quilt in the making for years since my family keeps getting bigger and bigger before I can finish it! My first face was a little sloppy but now after many faces I believe I can say that I have become pretty good at making likenesses of the people I am doing. I love applique and look forward to making more appliqued quilts.

  7. I have done very little applique, so there is lots of room to learn and I’m sure of copy of this book is just what I could use for inspiration. Thanks

  8. My most challenging applique project was a snowman quilt was so much fun! Much fact I made two of them.

  9. My most ambition appliqué project would have to be a McKenna Ryan quilt not laser cut kit. This book looks inspiring.

  10. ester aliu’s quilt along “love entwined” is has been my most ambitious project so far … so much so that i’m still working it. love this book – there is a lot to say for minimal quilting!

  11. I made the Marble Champ quilt designed by Lizzy House. I attached all the circles with raw edge applique. I was new to quilting, but somehow I thought I could tackle it. I finished it and it’s one of quilts I’m proudest of today.

  12. I haven’t done a huge amount of appliqué so far, mostly hand-stitched orange peels and a little bias tape appliqué, which I completely loved! I’m getting up the nerve to try needle-turn so I can finally bring an idea I’ve had for ages to life. Thanks for the chance, this looks like an inspiring book!

  13. I haven’t done appliqué yet but love the Astrid quilt so would like to give that a try. Thanks!

  14. My most ambitious appliqué project was doing 3D spheres with shadows that used perspective to show depth on the quilt. While I only saw Casey’s first book after making this quilt, I have been inspired by her work since then.

  15. My most ambitious applique project was a Baltimore Album Quilt. It took a long time, but came out beautiful I would love to learn some new applique methods, and especially ones that can be used for modern quilts.

  16. The first quilt I made–for a friend’s baby– involved appliquéing several fabric “fans” onto the backgrond. I didn’t know what I was getting into.

  17. I haven’t done very much applique yet. I made some Christmas stockings for a charity project, and that felt ambitious, because I wanted them to come out well because they needed to be special. I have a lot to learn about applique, and this book has a lot to teach me.

  18. My most ambitious applique project was making wonky houses for a block exchange. After several false starts I finally had success using raw-edge machine applique.

  19. My most ambitious applique project was a quilt challenge hosted by Pat Sloan a few years ago. I guess it was challenging because I had to “create” the patterns for my designs. I loved doing it and had a lot of fun.

  20. last year i applique the “A Family Gathering” Quilt from Annie Downs. But a challenge would be to applique a Baltimore Album Quilt with 3-dimensional Flowers.

  21. My very first quilt was a charm maple-leaf applique quilt with each block a different print appliqued onto muslin background blocks. My mother and grandmother hand-quilted around each leaf. That was 37 years ago, when I was in high school! So, it’s time for a new applique challenge!!

  22. My first project was a queen sized bed quilt, with lots of applique. I learned a lot, and is my choice for quilting.

  23. I suppose that was the Quilter’s Garden pattern. Designed to teach the use of the feet & attachments and also techniques available to quilters today. I was asked to teach it at a local quilt shop before I had made the quilt. I taught it 3 times, and it was a great experience!

  24. I took a class from Kim Diehl years ago and it was all applique. it’s all finished, i just need to make a back for it. fell in love with freezer paper applique.

    can’t wait to see the new book The Applique Book.

  25. Recently I just appliqued 77 little leaves to a tree, looking for some instruction on how to make such small pieces easier to cut out or to applique.

  26. I appliqued a basket motif but I couldn’t do all that was required. I need to learn some solid techniques!

  27. I’m working on my Dear Jane quilt so I have several applique blocks to still do. I’m also working on a two color quilt with dragonflies and blades of grass. It’s just so much to do ;-D

    Thanks for a chance to wn.


  28. My most ambitious project was an Art Nouveau floral appliqué quilt that I began in the 90s. Unfortunately, it is still a work in progress with only 6 of the 12 blocks completed.

  29. My most ambitious? I have two. One was a block of the month from The Quilt Show several years ago. I did it all with machine applique. The other La Fleur, hand applique – whole quilt. That’s why I did machine on the other. Doing wool applique now and love it

  30. My most ambitious applique project is a UFO…a Maggie Walker pattern Cats in the Garden. I have however completed several Kim Diel patterns as well as other designers

  31. I used a Dover colouring in book for a pattern of an Indian design tree. It had many many many little pieces. I cheated and free motion stitched it on my machine.

  32. I was asked to do an appliqué quilt for a close friend. The appliqué was of musical instruments and musical notes,
    I embellished it with musical buttons and used gold shiny fabric for brass instruments. It turned out great.

  33. I am fairly new to applique, so my most ambitious project is a Hawaiian applique block that will be made into a pillow.

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