I’ve been doing a fair amount of hand work lately, and both kids (5 and 9) have been asking to give it a try. An easy project for everyone, this project uses simple materials that are easy to get or which you already may have on hand:

  • Yarn or perle cotton (anything you like, really)
  • Craft Felt
  • #20 tapestry needle
  • permanent markers

The first thing I had them do was to draw whatever they liked on a piece of felt with the permanent marker.drawing1 drawing2

This works out well if your kids have very different ideas of what is “cool”, as mine do.  They also feel like the whole project is theirs, from start to finish.

After threading the needles and knotting the ends, I gave a short tutorial on how to make a running stitch.  We practiced a bit on the side, first.

running stitch

Then the kids got to it, using the drawn lines as a guide for the running stitch. The nice thing about using a permanent marker in a bright color is that if their hands get tired there is still a nice outline left.

IMG_20160307_162530 IMG_20160307_164425

While we spent about an hour together on this project, it is one that can be easily picked up and put down.

My daughter wandered off for a bit, but then came back to it this morning to finish it off.

When we get back to it, we will use my sewing machine to finish these off as little stuffies by backing each piece with more felt and sewing nearly all the way around the outside before filling it and sewing it shut. For the moment, the kids are done with this project and have run out to play, but I know we can return to this in some future moment.

Ther eyou have it: a doll with skeleton and a T 70 X-wing fighter.
There you have it: a doll with skeleton and a T 70 X-wing fighter.


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