Quilts of Valor and Modern Quilts

Over the long weekend, Quilts of Valor held an auction of quilts donated by known quilters to raise funds to continue the mission of the organization, which is to “… to cover service members and veterans touched by war with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor”.  While the auction is over, I wanted to highlight something that I think is important: these quilts reflect a number of styles and influences, and many of them were in the modern aesthetic.

One of my favorites from the silent auction. "Welcome Home" by Deborah Fisher.
One of my favorites from the silent auction. “Welcome Home” by Deborah Fisher.

If you are not familiar with Quilts of Valor, they have done amazing work in the last few years, partnering with shops, holding block drives, partnering with longarmers, and accepting quilts made by individuals, guilds, and organizations.

This year’s block drive, available here, is a beautiful and clean-looking block. You can make one or multiples, and send them to the organization or find a local quilt shop that is participating.


They have given over 138,500 quilts, and the number continues to grow. Do take a minute to see the celebrity quilts at the link above, and consider supporting this marvelous organization supporting our service men and women.

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