Quilting Resources: Your Public Library


If you haven’t checked out your local library for all things sewing and crafting, you really should.  With the rise in the DIY movement over more than a decade, the sheer number of books published on a huge variety of topics from quilting to garment sewing, canning and chicken raising to upholstery is staggering.

Recently, though, some libraries have begun to incorporate new lending offerings beyond books, magazines, and DVDs. For example, the Sacramento Public Library in California, has started lending items from what they call a “Library of Things”, which is exactly what it sounds like: things that aren’t books.  Ranging from sewing machines to GoPro cameras to musical instruments, the items were chosen by the vote of the patrons. Imagine wanting to learn how to sew before you purchase a machine! Check out a book and a sewing machine and off you go to try your hand.


Other libraries offer services to educational and vocational training, through services like lynda.com. Looking to learn photography? Photoshop or Illustrator? WordPress? Lynda has over 3,000 courses that range from beginner to advanced levels that are supported with more than 15,000 video tutorials. If your library is one of those participating in this program, then you may have access to lynda.com for free rather than paying for your own subscription. Some libraries provide these services only within the library building, while others allow for access from home.  Check with your local library for details specific to you.

The local library may provide space to craft and sewing groups, so make sure to check out what they have to offer to you!

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