One of the standouts to me as I wandered the vendor hall for four days was that everyone seemed to have some kind of fabric available that wasn’t quilting cotton. Now, I know there is a steadily growing number of garment sewists out there who tend to cross over to the quilting world (and vice versa), so seeing these fabrics isn’t a huge surprise, but when every third booth has something out of the quilting cotton norm, it’s definitely a good time to take notice.

The Denim Studio by Art Gallery Fabrics was in several locations, and it was nice to be able to touch and feel it after only having seen it briefly at market.  Vendors seemed to be carrying the printed and blue solids most, but here and there I saw one or two of the colors peeking out.  These denims are lightweight yet sturdy, and I can’t wait to buy some for my stash.


Also readily available were Alison Glass’s knits with Andover (the link to Alison’s shop is here). These knits have a great weight and drape, and as she has shown in her applique techniques, can be used for a variety of applications for quilting and garment-making.

ManchesterFern ManchesterPoppy

Mmmm “Fern” and “Poppy”…Also out and about on the floor, Robert Kaufman’s Manchester line is similar to Essex Linen, but rather than having the same color for the warp and weft, it has one color for the warp and one tonal for the weft that create a two-tone effect. The new colors will be available in March, and like the Essex provide a beautiful texture to various projects. I have used it for bags and quilts (lightly used ones), and enjoy working with it.

If you attended QuiltCon and noticed any fabric trends, leave a comment!

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