Meet Terri Ann Swallow, of Childlike Fascination
Meet Terri Ann Swallow, of Childlike Fascination

I first got to know Terri Ann in a small online group and became impressed with her enthusiasm and interest in trying new things. A web designer by day, she shares her work and thoughts over at her blog Childlike Fascination, where you can find quilt projects, crafty bits, and links to her interesting projects. She’s also a chef for the Moda Bakeshop, so I am sure you’ll be seeing quite a bit from her work with fabric, but Terri Ann has also expanded her offerings to include Mini Barn Quilts.

Flock of Swallows is my favorite!
Flock of Swallows is my favorite!

If you haven’t seen these yet, they are seriously cool.  Laser cut wood kits in the shapes of traditional blocks, you can customize their look with your favorite fabrics and some mod podge.


Singly or as a group on the wall would be totally adorable, and would be fun to collect. At $17, they also won’t break the bank, and would make great little gifts for a variety of things: guild giveaways, stocking stuffers, Mother’s Day, door prizes… I can think of dozens of uses in the quilting community.



But that’s not all!

Combining her passions, interactive internet design and quilting, she founded which is an amazing resource for the online quilting community.  There you can find linky parties and quilt alongs (present and past), which is really useful for those of us looking to see what is going on in the community.

I asked Terri Ann a few questions, as well, so you could get to know a bit more about her, too.

What and/or ho are your biggest design influences?
I don’t know that I have specific design influences. I usually create (quilt/sew/craft) for the sake of getting an idea that’s in my head out into a physical manifestation. As a professional web developer (by day) the act of making something with my hands is the most important part to me since you can’t hold a website the way you can a quilt.
What do you do to recharge?
Spending time with friends and family and just being out in nature. The getting away from my screen part can be tricky with a full time job, my own business and my passion for sharing but I listen to myself and know when it’s time to disengage a bit to recenter myself and come back fresh.
If you had to pick one line that you’d make the next five quilts from, what would it be?
It feels like a cop-out but solids! I have only made one mini quilt from just solids and I’ve been thinking about working with solids a lot lately. I tend to work with lines of fabrics cause I’m not comfortable with my skills matching individual fabrics together and maybe working with solids would help me break out of that!
What trend do you wish would go away?
None of them! I think trends are fascinating and while I’m certainly not up on all of them at any given time I think that trends are a great way to help someone who may be staring at a blank piece of graph paper something to start from.
Will you be at QuiltCon? 
No not this year, I’m a New Englander (go Red Sox) and while I’ve hand stitched a binding on a the round trip travel to California on business before I’ll wait till 2017 in Savannah!
I hope you go look at all Terri Ann has to offer as a designer, blogger, and creative mind behind Mini Barn Quilts!
Mandy Leins is a Stash Books author, Craftsy Instructor, and longarm quilter. Visit her on her blog,Mandalei Quilts, or find her on Instagram as @mandaleiquilts

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