Meet quilter Monika Huelsebusch!

One of the best things about the internet is how it allows us to meet up with quilters and artists we’d never likely meet in real life.  Today, I’d like you to meet Monika Huelsebusch, a quilter from Germany who has been an avid follower of Modern Quilts Unlimited’sEverything Old Is New again Challenge“. If you’re not familiar with it, each month there is a new traditional block that readers are invited to play with and share their take on it a few weeks later, for prizes! Because Monika lives overseas, she’s ineligible for entering the contest but her blocks are so seriously cool that I have to share them with you!

Based off of the Bow Tie block
Based off of the Bow Tie block
Monika's take on a Pinwheel block
Monika’s take on a Pinwheel block
I can't even with this Rail Fence!
I can’t even with this Rail Fence!
And Monika's Square in a Square
And Monika’s Square in a Square


I love her use of graduated color throughout, and hope that she might show us a finished quilt someday. Make sure to go follow Monika  on her Facebook page and check out even more of the quilts she shares.  She uploads her challenge block at the end of the month there on her page!

You can vote for your favorite Rail Fence interpreted block from March 11 – 14. The new Everything Old Is New Again Challenge block will be posted on March 15th. Make sure you come back and check it out! Hosted by by Modern Quilts Unlimited and Michael Miller, the porzes change monthly for the block chosen as the winner. Details for rules and regulations can be found here.

4 Responses to Meet quilter Monika Huelsebusch!

  1. Thank you :D I´m blushing!
    Yes, I hope for a great idea for a complete quilt too! ;)
    This challenge is a fantastic way to try new things. I love it!

  2. Absolutely loving your Bow Tie Block, you are very talented. I have not started to make any quilting as yet, as I need to learn how to sow ;) Once I am a competent sowing machinist I will start with easy quilting and once I have mastered I will certainly start to use your inspirations.

  3. Your blocks are wonderful. Old but new, isn’t that what we’re all about? I’m on my way to your Facebook page. Thank you for sharing.

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