Making Tiny Circles, Revisited

I’m on vacation, and as we all do when on vacation (at least, I assume we all do), we hunt down and visit the local quilt shop!  I had the pleasure of going to Jennifer’s Quilt Shop in Pinckney, MI, and found a new-to-me tool for making circles. I talked about that before here and here, but was excited to see and try these. I love visiting new shops because they usually always have something I haven’t seen before and want to try. Sometimes, they will even have classes to take if I can get away from the swimming and outdoor time.

What did I find? Karen Kay Buckleys’ Perfect Circles!


They come in packs in two sizes, a small set (which range from a 7/16″ on up to 2″) and a large size (which go from 2 1/4″ to 4 1/2″). They are meant to make perfect circles for applique. I got the small set because I have a quilt I’m making that calls for many, many 2″ circles.

The circles come in 4 of each size that slide onto this ring for storage.
The circles come in 4 of each size that slide onto this ring for storage.

To do this, cut a piece of fabric about 1/4″ larger than your circle template.

Not the greatest cutting job, but hey! I’m on vacation!

Run a basting stitch around the outside to gather the circle together.


Next, using a brush and starch or sizing, dab the gathers to soak them through and press with an iron to set the circle in place. Because the template is a heat resistant plastic, you can set the iron on top of it without fear of damaging your templates. This last part with the pressing will take a little practice, I can tell! The end result though is a perfectly formed circle that will hold it’s shape thanks to the sizing and starch.


Each set comes with a ring and 4 circles in each size, to be able to set up an assembly line of sorts. I can’t wait to play around more with these when I get home! These would be perfect for easily making the circles on a “Quilt for Baby Ida”.

"A Quilt for Baby Ida", by Michele Muska
“A Quilt for Baby Ida”, by Michele Muska

Do you have a great tool or notion you found on vacation?

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