An Easy Way to Keep Track of Strip Sets

If I had one notion I couldn’t live without, it would be my flat-head pins! Not only are they sharp and fine, but the flat head itself is incredibly useful: they come in a variety of colors, they can be used on a longarm (which I do) without making bumps on the bars, but most importantly they can be written on.


When keeping strip sets and rows in order, having a nice large flat head I can write on is the most important. Piecing a more complicated quilt that has a number of different sets to keep track of can be confusing, so I  love to use a sharpie and write on the larger head. I usually write numbers and letters on the white heads. On yellow pins, I draw arrows which allow me to point out which way seam allowances are pressed or what is the next seam edge. 

If you’re hesitant to write on your pins, a bit of washi or masking tape works well, and can be easily removed. Happy quilting!

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