Hide and Seek, Fabric edition

Sometimes you have stuff in your stash and you’d like more of it.  Or perhaps, you have a specific fabric and would like to find something close enough to make no never mind.

Helpfully titled "Bazaar something-or-other". That's the problem of not buying enough fabric!
Oh where, oh where has my little fabric gone? This one helpfully has its name cut off. That’s the problem with not buying enough fabric!

As one does, I waited until three weeks before school ends to consider my teacher gifts.  Normally I don’t make things because I don’t want the teachers to feel obligated to keep something that doesn’t suit their tastes, but this year, I feel like I have a good idea of what they might like, so I’m going for it.  The problem is, I have a great purple fabric and not enough to really finish the job.

In my hunt to see if someone randomly has this fabric, given to me from a friend a while ago, I came across Find My Fabric, a web site that links to participating shops across the country. There are two ways you can search, by the names of designers and lines, or by a photo that you upload.  Pretty cool. I tried to find this print by using “Bazaar” as the keyword, and while it didn’t show up, I did find some pretty things.  Then, I tried uploading a photo! The really handy bit is that I can take the photo with my phone and then use my browser to upload it directly to the website.

In this first screenshot, you can see my original fabric, followed by a series of fabrics with similar color schemes:


Then, as I scrolled down, I found a fabric that was new to me, but which would work nicely with what I have, I think:


And when I clicked on that, it showed me where the fabric was located, the name of the shop, and how much it would cost:


No, I didn’t find my original fabric, which is several years old I think, but I did find some reasonable and pretty alternatives and additions. I’ve been playing around with search terms and designers for a while now, and there are some quite good things out there! There are limitations, given the date of your fabric and the number of shops who subscribe to this service, but there is a great deal of potential. Let us know what you find with Find My Fabric in the comments!


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  1. Hi Amanda–great post about FindMyFabrics! I have some quilting fabric with a birch pattern from years ago I would like to track down…

    I did, however, find your fabric with a Google search. It’s in a line called “Bazaar Style” and the specific print is called Medallion. It’s by Pat Bravo/Art Gallery Fabrics, and I found a few places online where you can buy it. It seems to be out of stock in several other places.

    Hope you can find more of it for your project!

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