Good Links for HSTs!

If you ever want to get people riled up at a guild meeting, ask what the best method is for making half-square triangles. Then ask them how to trim them! I’ve compiled a list of HST tutorials and methods below, which work well for small or big batches. Really big batches. Like 40 at a time big batches.

One of my quilts, with over 1400 HSTs
One of my quilts, with over 1400 HSTs

Alyce Blythe pf Blossom Heart Quilts made a handy chart with the math done for you as well as two of the most straightforward construction methods

A list of tips and tricks at Diary of a Quilter by Amy Smart including trimming ears, squaring up and more

8-at-a-time method at Sew Mama Sew, results in no bias edges

Quiltineering wrote a tutorial making HSTS from a fabric tube where there is very little waste

Jeni Baker of In Color Order literally wrote a book on HSTs, and you can find her free HST BOM here

This Pinterest board has over a thousand pins of quilt tops made with HSTs

This amazing tutorial by Cristy Fincher at Purple Daisies for how to make 40 HSTs at once! If you want to watch her mom Sharon Schamber do these, they’re on Youtube

And in our own Modern Quilts Unlimited Spring 2016 issue, on page 64, we have Laurie Shifrin’s BABY SOFT, a cute baby quilt using the Modern Solids Pastels & Plaids collection by In the Beginning Fabrics!  You can purchase the back issue at

Baby Soft

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