Favorite little thing: Story Patches

Now that I’ve decided what we are going to do for teacher gifts this year (a Tessa Basket filled with supplies and gift cards), I am turning my thoughts to having my son write something to go with it.  As I was thinking about how to label this project, it occurred to me that I could use something that crossed my radar recently: Story Patches.


I remember seeing these at the first QuiltCon and being intrigued, but wanted to wait and see how the company grew. Now, three years later their founder Mike Newman will be on the board of Quilt Alliance, an organization committed to preserving the histories and stories behind all quilts. Truly a commitment to the ideas and principles of the company he founded!


To use these, it is necessary to have a smartphone to download the app used to scan the QR code (the black and white pattern in the top right corner of the photo). You have a choice of options, including reading your label out loud, recording a video of you, or saying whatever you’d like.  To revisit the message, all the recipient has to do is scan the code.

This is great for quilts, obviously, but I can also see how this is one of those things that’s perfect for a teacher gift. Can you imagine having a picture of the whole class or a video of them saying something sweet to their teacher? I can, easily. Custom guild and show labels are also a possibility!

Have you used Story Patches?  We’d love to know!

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