Circle of Friends Challenge Quilt – FREE PATTERN!

Circle of Friends Challenge Quilt
Organized by Michele Muska; assembled by Barbara Cartier; quilted by Rachael Dorr
Introduction by Victoria Findlay Wolf;

“Friends find the common thread. My friend Michele and I were talking one day about what might happen if we challenged our friends, Lisa, Earamichia, Andrea, David, Andrea ,Kim and Karla to join us and each make a block that would be assembled into a friendship quilt.

Without thinking much about rules, we sent out fabric and a Simplicity mini template tool for each to design their own block. We gave no restrictions to how they used it, but asked for a 12.5″ block incorporating the tool. What came back to us was a pleasant surprise! When we laid out all the blocks, we found that all of the blocks where designed with a similar design element— all were built in a line!
We wanted the quilt blocks to set in a simple, modern layout that would enhance the movement of the blocks and let the designs speak for themselves. They say that there is a thread that can bind us all. In this case, we all literally made our “thread” by the way we designed our blocks—evidence that our friendships through quilting bind us together!” Click on the pattern photo download the pattern! 




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