Are you Organized? And a Giveaway!

Because I know I am not.  Not really. I think I might want to be, though, in my deepest heart.  I’ve tried lots of ways to keep my fabric and threads organized (currently I have everything wrapped around comic book boards), but I’m pretty much a disaster when it comes to keeping all my thread organized.  If I am in the middle of a project, though, all bets are off!  Too much organization, and I feel like I miss the happy chances of fabrics rubbing up against each other than wouldn’t normally.

There is one thing that I do religiously, though, and that is to label my solid fabrics. I have enough colors from enough companies that are close-but-not-exactly-the-same that reordering can be a tricky business if I run out.  To fix that, I take a fine-tipped permanent marker and write the company name, color name, and color code on the selvedge When I use a piece of a solid, I will write the information on a scrap of that fabric and stick it to my design board, as well, to keep track of what’s in a project.

Different companies, different colors, but I can track them all!
Different companies, different colors, but I can track them all!

For me, my collection of solids are the ones that need managing. I can always find out what a print is!

Today we also have a giveaway!

Hoffman Fabrics has kindly given us bundles of their 2016 Challenge Fabric to give away to two lucky winners! One winner will receive a fat quarter bundle of the light fabrics, and the second winner will get a fat quarter bundle of the dark fabrics. To enter this giveaway, follow this link to the Modern Quilts Unlimited Facebook page.  There, follow Modern Quilts Unlimited, leave a comment with your favorite organizational tip, and share the giveaway! In order to be eligible, you must do all three.


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  1. I love pizza boxes! I can put most of the fabric, thread, and pattern in process in one box (I mostly make lap size quilts and wall hangings) and they stack neatly. Then I put the ones that have near term deadlines on top of the pile. If I’m going to a sew day, I just grab the boxes I need and it has all the elements needed. Plus they are VERY cheap.

  2. Love your tips. Here’s mine. To organize blocks of the month in progress or quilts that I am working on I organize them in see through plastic containers that I keep out in view next to my sewing machine. I also have large see through totes that I place my current paper piecing project. I love looking at all the colors and projects and it motivates me to just pull one out and work on it. It helps to have it so accessible and easy to take out and work on it. I also will use see through tote to start collecting for a future project. I put the pattern and fabrics I collect as I go along. I can even take the see through tote to the quilt shop and compare fabrics in the store to the ones I have. It’s fun!

  3. I have plastic containers that I keep my latest project in. It keeps things easier to find.And like they say out of sight,out of mind ,so I am reminded every time I see the containers.

  4. I have fabric arranged by solids, read-as-solids, batik, floral print, other print. I started with color divisions, but often needed something from the above list, so switched. Neither works perfecty; whichever system I use, I want something that I could more easily find with the other system.

  5. I keep a table height utility cart with see thru bins beside my machine cabinet. I prepare a list of all the quilting projects I plan to finish this year, place it in a clear page holder and tape to the top of the cart. Then I put one or more projects in each drawer prioritized from current to last. This puts me in control of a whole year with my important fabrics organized by project. That’s enough org. for me!

  6. I also use comic book boards for storing mini bolts of fabric, and I store my fabric by color, also some multi print, and black & white prints. Also, keep my own hand painted fabrics seperate. The comic book boards are my favorite tip.

  7. I keep large plastic gardening tubs (all different colors) underneath my cutting table. As I cut fabric, all useable scraps go into the tubs and are sorted by color. It is a great system.

  8. I found some zipper closable shopping bags on clearance. They are just the right size for a quilt kit to be all together with the instructions (even if its in a magazine.

  9. I try to go thru my stash every year. This allows me to reorganize if necessary, get rid of outdated never to be used fabric and remind myself what is still on my shelves. Before this habit I have bought the same fabric more than once forgetting what I had.

  10. My fabrics are organized by colour, then type, then size. I also keep containers close to my cutting table. When I am cutting the scraps go into these sorted according to colour.My threads are stored in drawers in rolling carts sorted by colour, then type, then size.

  11. I have closet maid wire shelving and drawers. My draws are arranged by color, Christmas, and batiks only. I use plastic totes to keep projects I am working and future projects. Keep in mind there is no right or wrong way to do it. Only what works best for you!

  12. I collect unusable scraps (smaller than 1″ wide) in a garbage bag and use them to stuff dog beds for charity.

  13. I keep the clear plastic containers that fresh salad greens come in, and keep the thread for projects in them. These are also good for small scraps.

  14. I use extra large plastc zip-lock type bags that I find at a Dollar store–big enough to slip in all the fabric and pattern, etc for a project and then able to put the bag into a box–small enough to store many in my project box but all together.
    With scraps I try to color code by size–yardage goes into a converted china cabinet, FQ and larger pieces into a plastic drawer and smallers scraps into plastic shoe boxes. AND all strips into a bag for that day when I finally get time to work on that log cabin “clamshell” pattern I’m some day going to make!

  15. I keep my fabrics in the square canvas square boxes that have bright colors red for red scraps yellow for yellow scraps etc. etc. I buy the canvas squares at K-mart

  16. I take photographs of fabrics stored in clear plastic containers (I have a healthy stash). Each fabric has a label attached indicating quantity. When I need to get inspired all I have to do is pull out my tablet – this is where I store the pictures. I can plan my next project before creating a mess in my sewing room. It’s been working for me for several years.

  17. I like to organize my tonal and solid fabrics in “rainbow” order on shelves. Next come prints that are grouped by color, theme and/or motif. Larger pieces for backing and borders are placed together. My large collection of threads are kept in plastic “Matchbox” car-sized boxes by color and/or type. Trims and ribbons (which have been removed from their paper spools) are likewise organized by color and type in plastic shoeboxes. It’s always a challenge to keep everything organized but this is a good place to start and revisit periodically as projects evolve.

  18. I owned a flower shop for 28 years and I knew that the spider mums are always shipped with what we referred to as “hairnets”. It’s just a little mesh tube that keeps them from shattering. Ask your local florist to save them for you. They are perfect for putting around cones of thread to keep them from unraveling. And they are long enough that if I put the matching bobbin on top of the thread, it will keep them together. I know some of the thread companies actually sell these, but your florist will probably give them to you.

  19. I store (the little bit that I have) my fabric by color is small clear totes. the totes are stackable. I have my thread on a rack. This rack has three rows with tiny pegs. I arrange from light to dark.

  20. Great tips. Scraps saver tip: I save only those that can be cut into 2-1/2″ squares. Then I take a day to cut those squares and arrange and stack them by color in a plastic bin. The ones that could be fussy cut are stored separately, as these make wonderful little framed blocks.

  21. I keep my collections in large freezer bags in clear totes and labeled; I also keep the patterns with these and a list of the amount of each yardage and which pre-cuts I have;If a couple of projects are planned for a piece of fabric I include this on the list. I store little scraps of like color in ziploc freezer bags and store them in a larger bin; it is full now; most were from the scrap box when our local quilting store was closing as I am just getting back to quilting after a many year hiatus. I found the plastic holders similar to bobbi pins as many thread colors look the same but they may be a different brand and the bobbins can be attached right to the spool of thread. The lettuce and greens plastic bins are great for keeping like items, fabric together also and fit in larger bins. I have a homemade bag (large) with pockets that stores all my rulers and can take the whole thing to a class if I am unsure of what rulers I need. I love all of the ideas I have seen from the above postings; I will these ideas in a folder in my computer. Thanks PS love the butterflies; they were used in a tribute to my sister in law in a ceremony after she passed away at our local Hospice. The fabric would make a wonderful quilt for her daughter as butterflies were also somewhat of a theme at her memorial service.

  22. I think over the years I have tried every tip out there to stat organized. The bins, the boxes, the cardboard etc. It all comes down to one important part in my book. Once you have it the way you like it you have to work at keeping it that way. Take something out, put it back where you got it. Also remember fabric fades in sunlight so keep it covered up.

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