You know it’s happened to you: there’s a quilt you’ve made to be used, maybe for a baby or maybe not, and it’s gotten dirty. So dirty, in fact, that it’s left a stain on your beautiful fabric choices and hard work! Is there a safe way to remove it, without special treatments or harming your fabric?

Lately I’ve been experimenting with DIY household cleaners. Like quilting, maybe it’s a desire to have some kind of deep tie with making things for my home. This week, after a long vacation and being in need of some serious cleaning, I stumbled upon a super easy-to-make combination for fabric and clothing that I think will be  a great option for quilts; although we are out of the baby phase, we are deeply into the busy-kids phase. I love multi-tasking cleaning tools, so this recipe makes a lot of sense to me since I have these things on hand already: 1 part basic dish detergent (nothing fancy, just the simple stuff. Blue Dawn if you have it!) and 2 parts hydrogen peroxide (the 3% kind you can get from the grocery store).


Pour all of the ingredients into a spray bottle, then shake it up to mix. Spray the stain to saturate it and let it sit for about 15 minutes, then launder as you usually would. As always, test your fabric first in an unobtrusive spot. Different fabrics may respond differently, but if your quilt is already washed, then it’s probably going to be OK to use this solution. I’ve tested it extensively on clothing this week (ahem), and it has worked amazingly well and without any damage to the color or the fabrics.


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5 Responses to A DIY Stain Remover That May Work for Your Quilts

  1. I had wine spilled all over a jacket at the county fair and used this recipe (although I didn’t spray it on, I soaked the jacket in 1/3 cup Dawn, 2/3 cup hydrogen peroxide) and it worked like a charm. Your method might be worth the first try since the soaking method produces a LOT of suds. I rinsed repeatedly for a long, long time. I was afraid to put in the washer with all of those suds! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I already use Dawn on laundry for oil spots. I’ll have to try It mixed with hydrogen peroxide. Does it need to be made fresh for each use or can you make a bottle full and use it over the next month or more?

  3. Hydrogen peroxide is not stable once mixed. Just make a smal solution each time. My father was a dry cleaner and he taught me simple tricks to use at home for stains. As a retired RN who used to wear white uniforms, I used peroxide at work to remove blood stains from my uniform when it happened. Biz stain remover is a godsend in this household as well as Shout spray. I have taught all to spot their clothes as they made the mess, especially the adults. I am the washer woman in the house-my choice- since I decreed everyone spot their clothes, it is amazing how careful they are about their clothing. Of course, they do not want to hear me rag on them when I see a mess on their tee shirts and no spray spots on them. A very large ceramic bowl in the laundry sink with Biz in it is where dirty socks go to soak until wash day. White socks rule!

  4. I would probably only make a small batch at a time, since hydrogen peroxide only “lasts” for about 6 months once the bottle is opened. I am running some tests to see if it’s as effective two weeks after making it as it was in the beginning.

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