Finishing Stitches for Raw-Edge Applique

  One of the best reasons to go to quilt shows is to see how other people do stuff.  I think it’s the best way to see what’s out there, whether modern, traditional, antique, or brand spanking new.  Quilt shows can show us where we are in our craft, simply by how we look at… Continue Reading

Stick It to Me: Fusible Options for Raw-Edge Applique

  When it comes to applique, there are as many opinions about it as quilters about what their favorite is and how to accomplish it. If you’re looking to get into applique in a way that is fun and (relatively) simple, then you may want to consider raw-edge applique as your technique of choice. Raw-edge… Continue Reading

Yo-Yos and You and Quilting!

The fabric yo-yo has been around a long time, and has been used in all sorts of crafts (anyone remember those dolls with the arms and legs made from stacked yo-yos?) and quilt-making. Yo-yos can be used as either the main element of a top, or as an accent shape on a larger piece, as… Continue Reading

Resources for English Paper Piecing

Resources for English Paper Piecing

There are some sweet quilts with English Paper Piecing (EPP) in the Spring Issue of Modern Quilts Unlimited coming out this month! A pillow “Gardener’s Prize” by the Wheel Block in Emily Herrick’s Block-of-the-Month Sampler Quilt feature EPP both use this fun way to piece. English paper piecing is the technique that uses paper cut… Continue Reading